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Cuba lies just under the Tropic of Cancer and there is a moderate tropical climate all year in the country. Cuba offers pleasant temperatures and 330 sunny days per year. Two seasons are distinguished:

  • the rainy season: May to October
  • and the dry season: November to April

The summer months, between June and September, are hotter and sunnier than the rest of the year, average summer temperature is 25° C and the average winter temperature is 22°C.
The day and night temperatures on the coast, do not differ as much as inland. Since the island of Cuba is long and narrow in the east-west direction the trade winds and sea breezes cool it and make coastal areas more habitable than temperature alone would indicate. An exception is Santiago de Cuba hiding in the southeast corner which always one or two degrees warmer than the rest of the island.The hurricane season officially runs from July to November, with most storms historically occurring in October and November. The eastern half is usually warmer than the west.

The water temperature is generally around 25.